Make My Day   


Make My Day for Mac

Make My Day for PC

After downloading your file, a folder will be extracted with             "Make My Day" and two versions of RevPlayer. To run the program you must drag the  "Make My Day" program onto the 'Player' that has the "R" icon. 


"Make My Day" was written for a small group of students from Pennsbury School District. It is a little bit "KeyWords" and a little bit "Just Say It". Most students take home a check-sheet or a brief passage representing their activities for the day. "KeyWords" can be used to create pages of images and written sentences pertaining to their day. "Make My Day" allow students to describe their day by recording their voice.  They are able to record up to three sentences per screen. These recording can be archived for playback later in the school year to demonstrate growth in recall, articulation, vocabulary and sentence structure.

This program will work best on a FlashDrive that can be used at school and home on both Mac and PC.

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